[Breaking News] Two little creatures found in USA,THEY are just like humans

A Facebook post titled, “Two little creatures found in USA, THEY are just like humans,” is nothing more than a scam.

The whole thing reads: “[Breaking News] Two little creatures found in USA, THEY are just like humans … Their size is just 12 inches, watch more in video.”

The only problem is that there’s no video. However, there’s what appears to be a bogus image of the “two little creatures.”

When one clicks on the post, they’re taken to a website that first prompts users to share the post before going any further. This ensures that the scam is spread.

After that, they’re greeted with bogus surveys. The surveys are how the scammers make their money.

According to Hoax-Slayer, “After you share as instructed, you will be taken to a fake YouTube page that again appears to host the video. But, alas, you will still not get to see the video. Instead, when you click the ‘play’ button, you will receive a pop-up message noting that you must complete a survey before seeing the video (see screenshot below). The pop-up will display a list of links that you can click to participate. The links lead to various third-party websites that offer prizes in exchange for filling in surveys and submitting your personal information.”

Hoax-Slayer notes that the picture shows “hyperrealist sculptures created by the talented artist Ron Mueck. Mueck has created a host of very realistic sculptures of human characters large and small.”

It’s not recommended to click on the post or share it even further.