This is happened in Delhi Zoo today.

WATCH: Tiger kills man in Delhi Zoo – unedited visuals
A youth, named Maqsood, was killed after he fell into a white tiger’s enclosure in Delhi Zoo on Tuesday
According to the youth’s family, he was mentally ill. Officials say he climbed over two levels of barricade to get near the tiger’s cage. It is not clear whether he lost his balance or jumped but he dropped 18 feet into the den of the tiger that was lounging around in the island. But once he landed inside he was attacked and killed by the surprised animal.

The whole hair-raising incident was captured by an onlooker on his mobile phone. This is the full, unedited version of the video.

WARNING: Graphic Visuals

In this footage, Maksood can be seen hanging from the jaws of the 6-foot-long tiger, seemingly trying to shield his head from the beast.

After dragging Maksood’s now-limp body for some minutes, the tiger dropped it in a corner of the moat, before retreating into its enclosure a few feet away. The tiger did not try to feed on the body.

The enclosure, behind a curtain of bamboo trees and foliage, can be closed and the tiger was not seen near the moat later in the afternoon.

PTI quoted Himanshu, an eyewitness who informed police, as saying: “The tiger kept hitting the man with its paws for almost 15 minutes while the man was sitting scared in front of him. The tiger then caught hold of his neck and dragged the man through the whole arena until he was dead.”

Maksood’s body lay there, covered in a white shroud for over two hours. It was later removed in a body bag and taken for post-mortem.

“This happened too quickly for us to take out the tranquilliser guns and disable the tiger. We have taken every precaution that a zoo can take to protect visitors but these kind of freak accidents happen unfortunately,” said Amitabh Agnihotri, the director of the zoo.

“All the enclosures of the National Zoological Park are absolutely safe. No visitor can reach the moat wall of the enclosure without crossing the stand-off barrier. It was impossible for him to have slipped from the wall. He jumped purposefully,” the director added.